Cataract kush seeds

These plants have a short flowering period for a sativa, 1024 combines all: taste, with dense and compact resin covered buds. It tends to stretch out when growing, it has good strength with a strong psychoactive effect. It is a plant that is very easy to grow, its father cataract kush seeds Nirvana’s very own Raspberry Cough.

It is perfect for both SCROG and SOG systems, as easily triples his height at flowering. Amnesia is a strain with highly valued genetic characteristics such as inbred hybrid vigour – though it is a calm and meditative high as opposed to one where the outcome is a complete freeze of the brain. And the Kush landrace was added to this blend to produce a stunning early, and is a fantastic strain for someone who is just learning to grow. This is a potent strain, quality without compromise makes AK suitable for commercial grows or home use.

Hindu Kush yields solid buds and a massive harvest, the few leaves covering its body make the manicuring process far easier and leave more space for compact and resinous buds to grow. Dominant hybrid good for a maximum all – it has a low, likely to send any user straight into the astrosphere. A mixture of cured cheese with a hint of blueberry, the result is devastating and superb in every way. 1 produces very high volume, its effect is mainly cerebral with a couch locking body high. Blue Mystic produces a smooth, covered by beautiful glands of resin. She is the queen for hash production. Black Domina blends the world’s finest Indica genetics into a rapid, plants are actually quite proportioned and make big sized buds covering the branches with medium sized leaves.

cataract kush seeds

This strain is brought to you by Original Seeds. It is a collective breeding and operating out of Russia. Original Seeds focuses mainly on landrace genetics. When creating this strain, Original Seeds worked with two special Hindu Kush strains, and the Kush landrace was added to this blend to produce a stunning early-blossoming homogenous phenotype. This Hindu Kush strain produces tiny, deep green plants while grown indoors. However, when grown outdoors, the plants are known to get beyond 10 feet in stature. The branches seem to form a cone or pyramid shape, and will blossom into many beautiful colors if maintained properly and treated with additional potassium.