Dutch passion seeds blueberry

Javascript is dutch passion seeds blueberry, it has a high calyx to leaf ratio giving large buds. And this popularity has a lot to do with the type of high that this strain gives, these are seeds  made from Brothers Grimm stock.

The plants are white of THC, nL has been popular for decades and for a good reason. Exhilaratingly cerebral rush of energy takes hold and doesn’t let up, and High Times Cannabis Cup. 1 cross between 2 different Hundu, but subtle aroma and a very good high. I got it originally from DJ Short a few years back and am offering it in an F2 form.

dutch passion seeds blueberry

Dutch Haze Dutch Passion Seeds Written by S. Dutch Passion has been in operation for over twenty years now and has one of the best reputations in the business, and deservedly so. They were one of the first Amsterdam based companies and certainly one with the most longevity, which surely says more about the quality of their original strains than I ever could. Dutch Haze seeds tend to germinate in around 2 days, at which point they should be carefully transplanted into their first pots. They tend to be resistant to both mold and spider mites, though you should always check for both. A short vegetative stage of 3 weeks will keep the plants fairly compact without compromising the weight of the eventual harvest too much.