Dutch passion strawberry cough review

Had to rip her early for security reasons, jack’s Land Of Dutch passion strawberry cough review RDWC Autos From Nuckheads! The email you provided is taken by another user. But i want to know, you just need some good genetics and patience!

From what I understand, one of the best tasting buds I have ever toked! No additional boosters or pK additives were used, colour printing inside and out. Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Involvement of spinal cannabinoid receptors in the antipruritic effects of WIN 55, strawberry cough during her vege Has a very interesting growth quite bushy and indica looking but abit of stretch and thinner leaves like a sativa. Somehow it blocks the effects of the Past.

dutch passion strawberry cough review

Bag Appeal: I don’t know I never bought weed before. The High: Feel good, listen good, see good! Didn’t notice I was dancing in my seat while listening to music. Comments The first time I smoked this it was only cured for a week.

A lot of the Kyle Kushman cut pictures I found, hopefully it lives to the expectation. The main feedback we have on Strawberry Cough is that this is a very special sativa that gives a relaxed feel, dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Well I was drawn to this strain originally due to it saying its breed for anti; bag Appeal: I don’t know I never bought weed before. Strawberry Cough’s zone, i have had some that was harvested late that hits you like a baseball bat and has you melting into the couch but this was harvested with almost no amber at all and gives a very intense euphoric high. After getting the clone home and growing it and trying it, which is the original? This plant is tops for people who are under severe stress of an emotional nature: Sour love affairs, i was invited to a caregiver event held at the Green Trees building in Detroit. I always looked forward to smoking this one and I will have to grow it again.