Northern light blue review

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northern light blue review

For the best rates, please book directly with us. 10 Deluxe Rooms have luxurious beds, espresso machine, mini fridge with welcome beverages, and free access to the Wellness spa. Begin your Icelandic adventures from the Northern light Inn, where friendly staff and family hospitality await you. Relax, refresh, and enjoy a getaway vacation of a lifetime! Guests watching the Aurora Borealis from the Galaxy Tower of Northern Light Inn, Iceland.

The hotel opens for unregistered guests at 07:00 am. We understand the issues created by flights arriving in the middle of the night. Respectfully, the common spaces in the hotel are for registered guests only. Early check-in is occasionally possible, but completely subject to availability.

Please let us know when you would like to book your swim and we’ll gladly reserve a time for you, if available. Our super savings Airport Taxi prices are available only if booked in advance directly with us. Travel safely, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Are you looking for someone who truly enjoys what she does?