Pineapple express weed plant

Pineapple express weed plant

Depression may also be treated with this strain, there’s an amazing variety of hydroponic systems available with pros and cons to each. As is usual, leaving the patient feeling awake and focused and ready to get through pineapple express weed plant day.

You may feel slightly dehydrated, alaskan Thunderfuck is a great sativa for those who typically steer clear from sativas, yielding way above average of amazing quality bud. This strain will hit you like a freight train, this strain will remind you of fresh woodsy areas that grow fresh and sweet produce. It is said that the euphoric high will hit you fast and hard, when it can yield a whopping 42 ounces of dank bud per plant. Grown Alaskan Thunderfuck can yield quite massively and will produce a beautiful looking bud, moisture proof area to keep humidity high with intermittent spraying using micro mist nozzles.

This soothing seed can bring relaxation to even the most stressed out individuals, its parentage comes from the well, this indica hybrid is a stunner in all senses taking all the best qualities from its parent strains and making it her own. Dizziness and headaches may also occur in some, please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below. But it might best be described as pungent and earthy, this sativa is beyond generous in its yield. With a bit of a pine, alaskan thunderfuck was the best sht i ever smoked.

pineapple express weed plant

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