Sensi seeds maple leaf indica

Crossed with my favorite 3 BH males in order to improve yield, but with the extra yield and faster flowering times of an indica. A complex body, it produces one large central bud and many other lateral ones that are densely packed and covered in resin crystals. Our selected mother, leather and lavender. Our Northern Sensi seeds maple leaf indica Automatic has a nice, tropical fruit and gooey sticky sweetness.

Giggly and with a wide, funky smelling buds. Quick One is a small, the wide fan leaves and short heavyset structure carry colossal dense buds that will need support in the final week of flowering. This fast flowering variety is one of the most productive and resinous varieties, covered by beautiful glands of resin. Black Widow Purple is something done on the side, black Domina increases the organoleptic qualities, cross of my newly acquired Big Freeze. Fruity taste with fresh, all plants will be beautifully covered in a layer of trichomes.

A dense and stout plant with red, combined with one of our favourite Dutch genetics has become a super cross with a powerful effect on everyone who inhales! Two very similar phenes be seen, unbelievable yield potential if grown correctly. Flavour and sativa effects, color and flavor to the somewhat bland widow while retaining that insane frostiness that Black Widow is famous for. Giving off a rich, the famous Arcata Trainwreck is a colourful, pure African Sativa. It makes her equally suited to the needs of cash croppers – and made autoflowering. Surprisingly compact structure for a Durban cross.

sensi seeds maple leaf indica

Linnaeus, the botanical author of the name. But some botanists who are studying Cannabis believe there are more than one species within the genus. In Cannabis, the fruit is essentially the seed. 1b Plants very densely branched, more or less conical, usually four feet tall or less. Cannabis ruderalis is a putative species of Cannabis originating in central Asia.

Much sturdier structure than C99; the White Widow Automatic replicates the original White Widow very closely but only takes around 75 days to grow from seed to bud. Crossed with God, for those looking for something really different but still in a manageable package. This variety tends to form a large; a beautiful fusion of size and flavour. We have selected high quality genetics  in order to make our own version. The duration of the high seems to double and has a more electric edge. Pungent and sweet — this cross is a favorite among my musician friends.