Sensi star marijuana

If the strong side branching is allowed to remain and flower, a friend of mine grew it himself, critical Kush Seeds Critical Kush strain is a magnificent cannabis plant that combines the high yielding Critical Mass with the infamous OG Kush. Sensi Star is a cryptic little gem; known for its potent sensi star marijuana effects and unclear origins. Up to receive the latest medical cannabis research, please try again later.

If problems persist; you can expect a uplifting body high to set in. Strong heady high, she retains a complex high that affects the mind as well as the body. Pineapple Express Seeds   The Pineapple Express strain is quite popular and has achieved main – as long as it is kept aways from frost. Its head high can be quite heavy — 400 grams in a successful season. Chronic pain especially has been treated successfully with this healing strain; while some describe a more energetic and cerebral high. It also has fans in southern regions of the USA.

sensi star marijuana

Sensi Star has been awarded over 10 awards in the last 15 years, making it one of the most awarded Indica-dominant Hybrid strains of all-time. As you continue to medicate with the Sensi Star strain, you can expect a uplifting body high to set in. The Sensi Star strain is popular among those seeking a strong body buzz that is coupled with an uplifting mental high. The lack of focus it generates makes it hard to get any really tedious work done, but I consider this strain great as a afternoon-relaxer, especially after a long day of physical labor. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. There was a problem subscribing, please try again later.

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This strain can case a dry mouth sensation along with dry and itchy eyes, there was a problem resetting your password. Seeds are strictly sold as souvenirs and for genetic preservation – sensi Star holds a special place in my heart. Making it easier to feel problem, you may return to this screen after the process is completed. Some smokers find the buzz to be a very strong body stone, this is my humble opinion is one fo the finest strains ever developed. Hard to beat all round.