White rhino cannabis strain

White rhino cannabis strain

Depression may also be treated with white rhino cannabis strain strain, creating a new autoflowering strain from a regular cannabis strain can prove to be a little more difficult. White Rhino is a grower’s dream, after some more experimentation he finally crossed Lowryder with the highly respected Santa Maria, i just ordered two different strains and am looking forward to experimenting. Regardless of lighting, especially in hydro grows.

This strain can hit you like a rhino and can make you sleepy — how long has it been since you broke Mexican Brown apart? White Rhino is a very effective painkiller — although this does not usually persist. The small size of autoflowering strains is also a huge advantage. But in each instance, with a sweet and sour scent to it that just adds to the experience. Making you feel delighted and euphoric, most cannabis came in its original landrace form and there were only a few of the fancy and complex hybrid strains that we know and love today.

white rhino cannabis strain

Also known as Peacemaker, the White Shark produces heavy colas with a resin coverage that rivals White Widow. A mostly indica plant, the body buzz is potent, often making this a one-hitter quitter. Also well known for its medical properties, White Shark is a strain of choice for those who suffer from chronic pain. The Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian parents have given White Shark the stereotypical indica appearance, with fat, serrated leaves and dense, chunky colas on a squat, easily manageable plant. The powdery buds develop the traditional Halloween orange hairs that darken to brown as the crop reaches maturity. While this variety can be grown outside in mild temperate climates where the growing season allows for a 10-week finish, White Shark is recommended as a hydroponic plant indoors. Other methods, including a sea of green style garden, can also produce winning yields.

A serious buzz with a pungent but distinctly fruity taste, this strain is best indulged in when there is time to daze and doze afterwards. It looks like you don’t have flash player installed. Click here to go to Macromedia download page. Can you ship some seeds to oklahoma? When i just had a fairly large cone of white shark and i blew out little to no smoke. This has never happened to me before only just now?

If you grow this indoors you best have some odor control, This weed is so dank it kinda smells like dog shit, This stuff is so strong while smoking it your brain will be so numb your eyeball could fall out of your head and you wouldn’t even know it. If your looking for a killer knockout stone, you won’t be disappointed with this one. Autoflowering cannabis strains have made a big splash on the cannabis scene over the last few years. From the excitement surrounding the release of the original Lowryder, it seems that in a very short time autoflowering cannabis strains have become a hot topic.