White russian weed review

White russian weed review

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white russian weed review

White Russian is an earthy and sweet hybrid strain that can sometimes lean a little on the sativa side of things, although often it maintains its well-balanced nature. This strain is a favorite among the creative artist types, who swear that they are able to create more when under the influence of this flower. White Russian is a well-decorated and deliciously balanced hybrid that was created out of the merging of two top notch strains, namely AK-47 and White Widow. This strain was created by Serious Seeds and has since won a number of prestigious awards, even bagging the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1996. This hybrid styed true to its legend genetics, creating a high that is both heavy handed and thoroughly cerebral and mind-massaging. White Russian is enjoyable as a recreational, as well as a medical strain, garnering fans from all over the world who have become loyal to its uplifting effects.

This strain can come in strong, making you feel delighted and euphoric, influencing your physical as well as your mental state. TIP: Looking to buy White Russian seeds? This hybrid is all about making you feel positive and radiant, and channeling all the happy vibes in you. White Russian is mostly recommended as an afternoon strain, and will make both your mind and your body feel relaxed and in a steady state of calm, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the rest of your day. White Russian will make you feel uplifted and invigorated, and will help you come up with unique ideas to help fuel your high. This strain is highly recommended for artists and creative, as it will allow you to stay inspired and productive, all while enjoying a strong and potent high.

This strain is made up of a variety of citrus notes, with a sweet and sour scent to it that just adds to the experience. It is a strong smelling flower, and carries unique fragrance that is instantly recognizable. On the exhale, you will taste a slightly spicy aftertaste that will stick to your tongue.