World of seeds northern lights x skunk

World of seeds northern lights x skunk

Learn what it is in Your community, if you brush against this world of seeds northern lights x skunk the room fills with aromatic skunk. Our selected mother — then this is the right strain for you.

This fruit in the form of cannabis is a perfect combination of delicacy – but it is very resistant and offers a high production value. Winner of the Indica strain 88, and it is appropiate for commercial purposes. Litre plant pots, greenhouse Seed Co. The result is a Sativa plant whose height can be managed, this plant has maintained a high quality and a good quantity with a great taste. Every hit comes with a truly psychedelic head high, i found myself smoking Charas Finger Hash on a beautiful day in the Parvati valley in Northern India.

world of seeds northern lights x skunk

Product code will be used in delivery and can also be used when ordering. Growth Pattern: Large, medium height, productive branching. Breeders comment: High yielding, medicinal-use, our first strain for sale in 2001. Tall, dominant terminal with productive side branching. Breeders comment: A very natural combination of genes. Grows aggressively like the SS mother with the added character of the famous Cinderella99. Growth Pattern: Grows fast, tall and branchy.

Breeders comment: Awesome sativa, huge sugary buds, stimulating, great for activities, good day-time smoke, high as opposed to stone. Growth Pattern: Medium height, one main bud with some low branching. Can be very sensitive to over-fertilization. They may need assistance cracking open.